SSME – Reflection 15 – Complete Unit and Resources

I have finally finished all the components for this unit! It’s felt like a mammoth task, having been rather unwell over the past week, but I’m so pleased to have it finally completed.

See all of the resources and unit here:

Over the course of creating this unit and resources, I have found it immensely helpful to read through the various Australian music kits available in the Conservatorium library. These kits include score excerpts, recordings, analysis and background information, as well as several ideas for activities in composition, aural, performance and analysis. While the works studied in many of these kits are now outside the 25-year limit for the mandatory topic, it was helpful to read through the sorts of activities and sequencing used. I will certainly be looking to these resources again in the future.

With so many new resources and compositions becoming available, I have been realising more and more of the need to stay up to date with the latest Australian works, attending concerts, discussion progress with composers and linking all this into the lesson programs I hope to build in the future.


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